Bobbetts Blog No 28 Thrift shop’s & Tea

Bobbetts Blog No 28

Thrift shop’s & Tea

it’s week 28 of the Bobbetts Blog and here we are close to home on a creative walk about in Dorking, West Street is filled with lots of treasures while the rest of Dorking can be mistaken for many British High Streets. West Street has a flurry of Antique shops, salvage shops, interior design outlets crafts jewellers and textile outlets. Its a Bobbetts feast to feed our creative hunger ,oh and the Tearooms are a must to enjoy.

We started our adventure at the lower end of West Street popping into Westcott and William to buy some lacquer and accessorising knobs for a draw project.

Then we moved onto an amazing shop dedicated to soft crafting. Helen bought some tassel’s for another project whilst I looked at upholstery edging ideas, an amazing shop with lots of crafting ideas, We could have stayed all day and played. Ribbons material crochet felting just some of the crafts available here.

As we walked up West Street the window displays filled us with a sense of childhood wonderment. A proprietor had just salvaged a large collections of items from a garden estate in Guildford., They looked just as if they had come out of a secret garden that was left to overgrow. I loved this window, oversized pieces that tell a story.

A vivairum with moss over it, I thought this was beautiful not Helens taste but that’s why we work together as we have very different styles.

We stopped off in another shop very industrial themed pieces again bursting with ideas. I think helen likes that light?

We treated ourselves to a cup of tea and cake whilst out the other great thing about Dorking is it’s Tea rooms.

We had a giggle at the teapot very British a bit of Corrie!

After a couple of hours we were feeling tired out from all the creative ideas, We chatted about next weeks blog, one not to miss an Easter Display photos shoot. As we said goodbye to Dorking this caught our eye, some Easter inspiration.

I also have an update on the upholstery course so far.

Our lesson this week involved securing the arms foam with calico.

First we had to measure correctly then we cut the calico to size

Using the tacking nails to secure the calico only when you are completley
happy you can  then staple

the cuts around the back of the chair were a challenge remembering to cut into it as a Y shape.

Cutting a Y shape cut to fit the material round neatly.

This part of the Upholstery journey was quite time-consuming but the result was good

You can really see the chair coming back to life.

That’s it’s from Helen and I this week, If you have any questions about the work or the Bobbetts Contact us here at

Bobbetts blog No 27 Eggplosion of colour.

Bobbetts blog No 27

Eggplosion of colour.


Can you believe it we are now into mid March and the next big Holiday of the year is fast approaching, We have decided to start on some Easter decorations that you can make at home.

We looked at many different ideas but the egg trees were our favourite. Our inspiration came from Pinterest, of course we are doing it in our own style over lots of coffee and giggles. This weeks Upholstery up date we reveal the colour and oh yes its bright.

Egg tree from Pinterest

We also took a look at Hobby crafts idea, and decoupaging
So Helen and I decided to have a go we had bought some glass eggs a couple of weeks ago on a visit to the range

What you will need to make some beautiful egg decorations.

You will need glass eggs from the Range or Hobby craft and real eggs, preferably that have had their insides removed
The natural eggs Helen decoupaged them using pretty napkins and mod podge.
We both just thought we would try different ideas with the glass ones,
Helen covered hers with glitter by using Mod podge first on the egg and then submerging the eggs into bags of glitter, so pretty.
Using some rhinestones on another and decoupaged the inside base of one with some  napkins and added fake leaves in another, we will be also adding small Easter eggs inside each one. I added some really pretty ribbon to each of mine.
I also painted some pine cones with some left over paint Bramwell green and they look so pretty together.
The end result was a lot better than we had expected an eggplosion  (sorry for that had to do it) of colour and Easter glamour and we don’t look too bad either????
Upholstery up date
This week we really see a start in the rebuild of the chair its time to put the first piece of fabric in place which involved a simple piece of sewing but for someone like me who has not touched a sewing machine in 30yrs it was a bit scary but i’m feeling proud of myself.
a bit of testing on the machine, then I cut out the pattern using the old base as a template.
so as you can I’m switching the drab brown for a vibrant loud magenta from clarke and clarke range, Its very marmite with the choice of colour on the wood work but Phil and I love it.
once the fabric was sewn we added some padding then tacked the material to the wood cutting the fabric back as we went. We had to add more stuffing at the front this is to soften the sitting at the back of the legs the Magenta is a flap with stuffing added in it.
We then pulled the show material over this and tacked then stapled it in to place.
We are so pleased with the result,
thats it from us this week I know I promised to show you the living room but delays have happened as we are waiting for paint from the supplier, so the big reveal is now next week.
Thats it from us we will be back next week.
Helen Cas and honory Bobbett Phil


Bobbetts Blog No 26 Dark style and Decor.

Bobbetts Blog No 26

Dark style and Decor

Week 26, after our trip to IKEA last week and seeing what was trending, we have been inspired by the dark style theme. This has given me a push  to get on with my interior projects and how after a disaster with a bespoke mixed paint has been successfully transformed with help from Helen and Annie Sloan Chalk paint. The Dark style is really pulling together.

patchy paint this has not been mixed properly

The disaster patchy paint and different colours, I was not happy! and I will not be using the bespoke paint service at a very large DIY store again.
Helen has come to my rescue and we are now using Annie sloan Aubusson we giggled as normal drank lots of coffee and got covered in blue paint.

re painting the doors

Accessorising a room
is the key to making the room a real statement that’s why Helens Bespoke side table shown in week 24 blog works so well.
The glass dome from IKEA was used to display a couple of precious items and a styled design. This is how I did it.
What you will need a shell to use as a base. Carefully selected fake flowers. Gorrila glue. A screw to make a hole in the shell.
Glue the flowers in to  the base let them set then glue shell to base of dome.
Make sure the flowers fit well inside the base of dome.
When your happy with the display, you can add in a couple of small prize possessions such as my Baccarat glass butterfly given to me as a leaving gift from a job and a Lalique Snail that my husband bought for me many years before we were married from that iconic store Harrods,  any personal treasure can be used animal or insect themes work particularly well with the flower display.
The finished piece,
I recently made  a Christmas present for my quirky best friend using a similar dome with a taxidermy mole and frosted fake berries it looked amazing, Shes amazing too and I know she loved her gift.
You can go really wild with your ideas, “your imagination is only the limit”.

My Living room still has a lot of work needed, but the painting of the walls have started in a dark grey blue colour, I have used bronze accessories a mirror, lamps and  detailing of panels have had a  penny bronze colour used. It has all started to really pull together, but you will have to wait until next week to see the end result.

Upholstery Update.
This week’s upholstery update is on how we finished our webbing and are now ready to start rebuilding.
We kept the foam at the back of the chair and decided to add new foam on the arms before we did that we had to add on some hessian over the webbing.
OK it’s still not perfect but I think it’s hard to get a dead even finish with Chalk paint on such a large surface.
We used the old hessian as a template.
Folded over the edge temporary tacking to begin with and then stapled into place.
After this was done we used a firm foam to gut out the arms overlay of foam. Using some of the old foam in place as it was still in good shape underneath.
Next week we will start with the calico underlay material to hold this all in place.
technique for cutting the foam, the best way to cut foam is with a bread knife.

Thats it from us this week,

bye for now Cas and Helen , Phil was also featured i n this weeks blog .

Bobbetts Blog No 25 Meatballs and makeover.

Bobbetts Blog No 25 .

Meatballs and makeover.

This week we decided to go a little further a field with our blog, out of the Surrey Hills into the suburbs of South London Can you guess where we are the large chimney behind us might give it away?
It’s week 25 of our blog a silver anniversary to some so we are celebrating with a little lunch date first. Yes you guessed it we are at IKEA and trying out their infamous meatballs!

So we decided to see whats trending in affordable households and what better way than to see what the Swedes are up to.

It’s been a good few years since we have been here and straight away we noticed the better use of luxury look fabrics.
Something for everyone the palm print is very on trend at the moment.
Surprisingly #darkstyle which we have talked about in so many previous blogs   ( take a look on Pinterest )had  a big impact throughout the store not so much blonde wood, now a darker theme with opulent furnishings chandeliers and a luxurious feel.
Domed display cases on the mantle. These look great with displays in, a couple got put into our big IKEA yellow bags, you can do so much with these, from displaying small fake floral displays or shells to a more daring taxidermy piece.

Dark furniture

This was a theme throughout with gold, brass  and rattan accessories. Fake plants seemed to be very prominent throughout the store, personally we prefer real ones and it was always a joke with my husband Phil, are you going to bring a plant home to kill! Well the choice of living plants is minimal and now its all about the fake! Is this the sign of our busy lifestyles?

Lighting ideas

IKEA has always had some very impressive lighting design Helen and I loved these, could we make one?
IKEA now do a range of flooring tile ideas, wooden and artificial grass, very interesting and looks easy to install.
We love these industrial style cabinets maybe for the studio eventually?
It was a giggle today the sun was out we chatted joked, Helen loved the fake grass fake was everywhere.
This room layout really caught our eye the use of bold pattern was being shown throughout the store in small pockets.
We had so many inspiring moments one idea we really loved was this small chair coat hook. So we are on the look out for some dolls house furniture to make a funky coat rack we are sure we can add a Bobbetts glamour to it.
So we spent a small fortune each and came back with lots of things we didn’t really need a typical IKEA trip as I remember it.
I did get a small plant to hopefully not kill, Helen got some too and ohh I did go fake with these lovely lupin style flowers, maybe another bird bath project?
Whilst we were on our mission , Phil the better looking Bobbett( his words not ours 😂 ) has been working on the Upholstery project at home It has been strengthened. Filled with wood filler and rubbed down.
L shape brackets and a new brace have been  put in as the frame was moving.
Two coats of Chalk paint have been applied in true Cas and Phil style we are going unconventional using florence by Annie sloane, I dry brushed an antique gold onto the paint when it was dry to highlight the carved wood.
In the next blog we will be showing you how we did the webbing.
Original to updated
Well that’s week 25 blog we hope you have enjoyed the read.
We have had a New Artist join us on Bob this week, Martin a Crystal light artist take a look at his amazing work
That’s it from us this week.

Cas, Helen oh and gorgeous Phil 😂

Bobbetts Blog No 24, Junk to Jewel.

Bobbetts Blog No 24

Junk to Jewel.

Introduction to Blog 24

Last week in Blog 23 which can be found on our Blog page we took a trip out to our local recycling centre which has a revive shop, selling some of the junk that’s been thrown away but too good to scrap. Helen picked up a hallway console table and I picked up some vintage china. Helens idea was to make her table in to an opulent design using #styleitdark we had a look at pintrest for some ideas, dark colours with gold details. I was going to make a side table but last minute changed my mind and made a bird bath feeder.

We joked over coffee chatted about our future dreams and what we would like to do in our blogs for the future, this blog was great as we got back into the heart of making.

This is how we did it.

Helen used  Annie sloan paint Aubbuson blue.

the project chosen was the half round console table



Starting to apply the first coat.



you will need to coat the table well and add a second coat.

Helen chose to tape up the legs of the table and used the wooden stepped edge to highlight in gold using a dry brush and applying on thickly giving a gold leaf effect.



what a transformation from tired to chic,



I have decided to make a Bird Feeder bird bath. I had an old candle stick holder in iron, I wanted to use for this project with the pink vintage serving plate and Tea cup I picked up from the recycling centre last week.


what you will need,  a large plate with a ridged edge a good sized candlestick a tea cup artificial flowers, paint brush, glue paint and pliers and grips.

I started by twisting the candle stick top off to make a flat surface for the plate to fit on.



Then I started painting it, I went for a green colour to contrast with the pink plate. Using a stippling effect with the paint which gave the candlestick an aged feel.



I added the pink plate using Gorilla glue.



Then I added on a teacup to use as a bird feeder.
And a decorative bird that came off an old perfume bottle.
The last step was adding some decorative artificial flowers. I love it!
It look great with the tea cup bird feeders, we sell too.
Upholstery Update
It’s half term here in Surrey and this means no upholstery course. We decide to take the chairs home as we have a lot of work to do on them. Phil has been strengthening the wooden frame and I’ve been stripping out the last of the staples.
We need to get them rubbed down filled and painted before we go back so lots to do. We purchased an industrial sewing machine this week its second hand but in excellent working order we look forward to practising with this.
Well thats it for this week we have had another busy week and look forward to next week maybe an outing?
Helen and Cas. ( The Bobbettts )
The bird bath and table will be added to the site shortly so if you love the items but would prefer to purchase them take a look at the Best of British Boutique, shop page.




Bobbetts Blog No 23, One mans junk is another girls dream.

Bobbetts Blog No 23,

One mans junk is another girls dream.

Its week 23 of the Bobbett’s blog and here we are again out on an inspiration trip to our local recyling centre,

its a sunny bright morning and everyone seems to be in a good mood the distant memory of snow has gone and spring is on its way.

Another week at the upholstery course and the chair is slowly getting there. We are now at the stage where the frames need to be repaired and painted. Im very excited as Phil and I have ordered the fabric and the material, but that wont be revealed this week.

We payed a trip to inside the interior design shop and we are so happy with our material and paint choice.

Helens back with me this week and we decided to take a trip out to the Leatherhead recycling centre. Helen was looking for a piece of furniture that she could make a statement with. Im looking for quirky designs to make something for an outside inside living space with spring in the air.

 Our upcycle choices

Helen decided to go with two pieces of furniture after having a good couple of looks around.
It’s funny we both thought at first there was nothing to grab our attention.
On the second look things started to pop out.
Helen went for the half round console table thinking it would suit a glam dark overhaul.
The table nest she wasn’t quite sure but felt she could do something really interesting with it.
I decide on several items, Vintage china plates, teacup,teapot and I treated my self to the beautiful vase , just right for the roses Helen had bought me xx
My hallway at home with todays finds and the restored plaster relief of the station of the cross which can be seen in  Bobbetts Blog No 2.
 I am looking at something I could use on some large candle sticks, that I have had in my workshop for a while.
I had an outside inside design moment, maybe a plant stand or bird bath?



We both looked at pintrest for inspiration and found a couple of ideas, feeling inspired with thinking outside the box and vintage glam feel we have missed the making part of our work and today we have felt very inspired.
Inspiration ideas for Helens projects.
Inspiration for my projects.
I have also been back to the upholstery course this week and have spent another week of stripping back the staples and nails,
The chair is looking a lot cleaner and nearly ready for the next stage
I also learnt about the different types of sponge and what they are used for.
We have already ordered a meter of the  blue for the arms this was ordered through the tutor at the college.
the blue is a firm used for arms and seating.  The  different colours and numbers represent firmness which are used for different furniture parts.
Well thats it for this week we have had another busy day and look forward to creating pieces with our finds in the next blog.
Helen and Cas. ( The Bobbettts )
Recommendations this week
Thank you to the recycling centre and team at Leatherhead Surrey.

Bobbetts blog No 22, Upholstery Special

Bobbetts blog No 22,

Upholstery Special


This week’s its just me Cas!  Helen has other commitments and can’t make it. So it’s down to me to keep you updated on the arts and crafts of a Bobbett. 

I’ve decided to chat about the Upholstery course I’m doing, now 4 weeks in and I have learnt so much.                                                                                       

As you might know I’m a jeweller by trade but I’ve always been fascinated with furniture and a couple of years ago my Husband and I brought a second hand Rocco style 3 piece suite. I fell in love with it, and all that it needed was to be re upholstered! I got multiple quotes averaging £2500, eek!!! thats a lot of money, due to other projects in my house it sat in storage coming out occasionally in the summer.  My friends would sit in it and sip pimms on hot summer days and act like royalty which of course they are! 😉

2019 for Phil and I is about  a year of new challenges after a couple of years of Phil’s bad health, it was now time to get our projects underway. So we signed up for a 14 week course at our local adult education college and here we are 4 weeks on. The last couple of weeks I have given updates on the course but the last two sessions we have started to see progress.
Phil  feeling a bit cheeky!
Over the last couple of weeks, I have given updates on the course but the last two sessions we have started to see progress.

The project so far

We both took a chair from the suite and after stripping it back we are nearly ready to reinforce the frame, this is Phil’s area as he works in wood.

Take a look at some of the pieces he has made on B.O.B theres a link at the bottom of the blog.

Measuring Fabric

After doing lots of stripping work, keeping the hessian and foam that we could we were shown how to measure the fabric, pushing it into the button holes to get the right amount.




Measuring at the longest and the widest area, with the help of the tutor we worked out 5m of fabric would be needed for each chair we are still deciding what fabric to use.

Sourcing material

As this varies in price and style so much choice.

My favourites designs have been by Emma Shipley.


prints by Emma Shipley.


Also these lovely colours are a contender.  upholstery found on E bay. martindale rubs of 45,000 and above are preferable this is how hard wearing the fabric is,  I call it… Bum rubs!


Cutting fabric


We were also given a demonstration on cutting material for a button and using a covering machine as demonstrated by Phil.




cutting the fabric



inserting the button ready to cover.




you then lay the material in the press and add pressure.



The end result one beautifully upholstered button.


This is the material from the base of the chair showing 3 layers. Its a good idea to keep the material that comes off your chairs for a pattern.
Next week we will be spending more time stripping the frame getting it ready to strengthen and paint. We also took a trip out to a sewing machine specialist in  Surrey as we are on the look out for a semi pro machine and we also paid a visit to a fabric shop in Guildford,
Phil saw this amazing off cut for upholstery not enough for the chairs but we could not resist, a bargain at £10 a meter when its list price was £65, I know we have lots of projects.
That’s it’s for now. Helen will be back with me next week.
Bye for now Cas and Phil. (Bobbett and stand in)
A link to Phil’s work.



Bobbetts Blog No 21, Bohemian Sanctuary

Bobbetts Blog No 21,

Bohemian Sanctuary

This week blog No 21, has been really fun and just proves what can be done in a few hours.

We decided to tackle a tired teenage girls bedroom and turned it into a Bohemian sanctuary.

The brief from Isabelle was her favourite colour are teal and turquoise, she wanted it  not too girlie but grown up.

Helen and I both love interior design and wanted to try out some different techniques to build our design portfolio up.



gold sponge technique over teal



We took a look on pinterest and got inspiration from the bedding she already had.


The room was originally a purple colour which had been covered in white paint to start a blank canvas

Here we are starting the job which took us a total of 5 hrs not bad going.


The chosen colours were from Homebase in contrasting finishes matt and silk, to add a glamour to the design.


also chosen was a specialist diamond dust paint finish by Craig and Rose.


We started painting with the blue and grey no going back now! here’s how it looked together.

We decided to keep the bed and ceiling white, using a fluffy feather pendant lamp brought from Homebase to soften the look.

Its a good idea when choosing colours to work with three main colours you can bring accents of other colours into the room with accessories but this is normally a good rule to start with.

The room was starting to come together and after I raided the house for some complimentary decor, such as the dream catcher pineapple lamp and  up cycled chest of draws Helen had pre styled, take a look at our link below for more details at the end of this blog.

The room was now starting to pull together.


Helen really wanted fairy lights as in one of our research pictures this was a feature in Bohemian rooms.

A simple arrangement was made over the bed, we added a dusky pink cushion one of Helen’s, and a grey fur throw was added.  For more soft furnishing ideas take a look on our link below, .

The end result

The end result was stunning, we also looked at ideas of what to do against the grey main wall and this idea won, we are now searching for a second hand dressing table to complete the look and we hope to show you the results in the near future.

For now we have used the diamond dust to create a subtle sparkle on the wall.

We have one very happy teenage customer who loved the transformation of her old tired bedroom.

Happy Bobbetts

I also have the next update on the Upholstery course Phil and I  are doing.

Upholstery course Update week 2.

This week so far on the upholstery course.

This week was again  concentrating on stripping the old fabric off and taking out all the old tacks, it was hard going, I have a nasty blister on my finger to prove it.



After chatting with the tutor we decided it was a good idea to keep some of the sponge as it was in good condition and some of the hessian.


Getting back to the bare bones of the chair, and seeing how it had stood the test of time, seemed a little daunting, some of the wooden frame  needs to be replaced. It’s handy i’m married to Phil the woodwork genius!


So thats it for this week,

Helen and I hope you have enjoyed the blog,  next week we are not quite sure what we will be up to but it may involve a little road trip?

Bye For Now!

Cas and Helen ( The Bobbetts )


Homebase own paint brand,

Craig and Rose.,Artisan paint

Pinterest. featured products.

Bob Bespoke painting services.

Bob soft furnishing ideas

Dream Catcher



Bobbetts Blog No 20 Dolled up with Decoupage.

Bobbetts Blog No 20,

Dolled up with Decoupage.

Wow, time flies when you are having fun, and we have had fun doing our Blogs. Its’s hard to believe we are at No 20 already!!

So this week we decided to use a couple of items that were ready for the bin and give them a new lease of life, everyone owns a tray and after a few years you get tired of it and replace it. Helen came up with a great way to doll them up, with an easy quick way using decoupage.

A Brief History of decoupage.

The origin of decoupage is thought to be East Siberian tomb art.

Nomadic tribes used cut out felts to decorate the tombs of their deceased. From Siberia, the practice came to China, and by the 12th century, cut out paper was being used to decorate lanterns, windows, boxes and other objects.

Decoupage is the chosen craft technique this week.



How to freshen up an old tray using decoupage

What you will need wallpaper or you could use tissue type napkins. Mod Podge. Paint brush scissors and paint.

First the frames of the trays were painted Helen went for a grey look as her design was to use for a boys room or man cave., I decided to use turquoise as I love this colour, I brushed it over the dark blue frame leaving some areas still showing the old paint to give it that Shabby Chic vintage technique.

Original battered ikea tray.

painted trays.

Once the frames were dry we started to apply the papers Helen went for a super Hero look, while I chose a pretty Tea Cup theme.


Start by applying the mod podge to the bottom of the tray add your design and put a layer of the mod Podge on top over the design.

Build up the design

The end results were great and so much more creative than what they were before.

Here are some other ideas you can have a go at with decoupage


Comming up!
Next week we have decided to a make over a room using several different art and craft techniques, the room is for a teenage girl so it will have a touch of glamour and sparkle

Upholstery story so far.

I have also started an Upholstery course which is weekly and will show you weekly updates of how this project is going.

Last week was the start of the course, Phil my husband is doing it too, after showing some friends they asked to see updates and so it begins.

My first lesson was being taught what tools to use and the stripping down of the chair. starting with the metal trim and taking off the fabric and pulling out the staples from the wood, A very time consuming job, I think this will take some time. its a 12 week course so Im hoping to have a beautiful recovered chair by the end of it.
Well thats it for this week we will be back next week giving decorating tips.
have a good week happy crafting.
Cas and Helen ( The Bobbetts )
for more information on the blogs and features please contact at

Bobbetts blog No19, Pattern and paint

This week’s blog is all about inspiration and researching materials, Helen introduced me to a little interior design shop in Chobham called INSIDE, Helen can confirm I was in my element in this shop it was love at first sight!
An Aladdin’s cave of interior treasures, from eclectic curtains to bohemian objects. The lovely lady behind the counter chatted away to us with the greatest enthusiasm, So lovely to find a person really passionate about what they sell.
We had a giggle about what we could do and the words ‘wow,’ and ‘omg’ were used alot the lady behind the counter was laughing.
This shot taken at the front of the shop shows off cuts of materials and unusual accessories. I was very drawn to this Moroccan lantern material. Just £30 but what could I use it for?
Lampshade ideas something we could easily do in a blog, maybe one for later in the year?
The upholstery books are amazing, I will be coming back as I have enrolled in a course and my project similar to the settee below needs some fabulous material as it’s drab brown velour does not do the piece justice. This settee was originally a prop made for the shop  window but sold to a client fabulous.
Everywhere I looked my eyes bulged. Helen was eyeing up the Chalk paint, and giggling at my reaction to everything.
I found these materials lurrve them, a real contender for my living room project settee and chairs.
I think it could work.
We saw a lamp with a monkey head in gold  at the base, great gifts and we both made a little purchase each.
A great day and my head is buzzing with flashes of colour and texture.
A real candy shop for arty people.
I had lots of ideas  on what I wanted to do with wallpaper fabrics and other projects I am working on.
Helen was chatting about a flooring in her daughters bedroom and how to combat makeup marks we came up with digital printed lino and its not too expensive.
We chatted about how to brighten up a newly decorated kitchen come dinner lounge grey being the main colour with copper accents, after looking at a few colours pink was an idea which quickly changed to green,
These were found on pinterest,
We have decided next week to look into  possibly upcyling furniture and looking at accessories that could go with this theme.
looking at www. shop
I have chosen 5 items which could fit in with these
ideas, and colour schemes, this is great for spring and very fresh looking.

Well we hope you have enjoyed this blog we really did and thank you to the gem of a shop Helen found.
We will be back next week getting up to lots more crafty antics.
Cas and Helen. (The Bobbetts )
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Bobbetts Blog No 18, Getting organised with crafts.

Bobbetts Blog No 18,

Getting organised with crafts.


So here we are 2019, Happy New Year!

With  Christmas over the tree down and  the cleaning seems never ending, and the first blog of the year, we wanted to do something useful and make next Christmas a little easier. This year is all about being organised which for most arty crafty people does not come easy.

Making a gift tag

Starting with the beautiful Christmas cards you have received over the Christmas period Helen and I could see a recycling project coming  on , this one is very simple and quick to do . If you have a pile of Christmas cards still lying around and your not ready to let them go here’s an idea to re use them making gift tags for next christmas will not only be fun but get you on the organising step.


What you will need scissors, pinking scissors, hole punch and ribbon. You can add in extra things if you want glitter, rhinestones, tinsel are just a few suggestions.


To make it easier you can use an object to make a nice shape, select a nice part of the card for your design, draw round it


You can use pinking scissors to make an interesting design


you will need to punch a hole in the design and then select a ribbon to finish the design its as easy as that.


As you can see Helen is being overseen by one of the fluffy advisor’s ( Hugo )


You can add more to your designs if you want here’s some rhinestones added to give the tag a more interesting look.


and that’s it! we have  looked at other ideas you can make on Pinterest we saw some very creative crafting .

heres a link for a christmas tree decoration


and our favourite a wreath,

which Helen had a go at and has started to make a beautiful piece ready for next year, see the picture and tutorial below.

What we nattered about

We also discussed during the course of the morning what we had enjoyed over the last 17 blogs and how we can build on this, We both decided we really enjoyed the outings and trying new products and Crafts.

So if you have anywhere you would like us to visit or a product to review please drop us an email or post us a letter.

what to look forward too!

Next week we are going to check out a paint specialist and interior accessory outlet. This should help charge our imagination and look at ideas for future blogs. I am also starting a new craft course, something I have always wanted to try and possibly something to use in my work for the future, I have signed up for an Upholstery course. Its a new year, so take a look at the crafts classes around you, I will keep you up to date on how i’m doing.

We also have some exciting news with B.O.B a very talented artist is coming on board who make beautiful lights from crystals and natural stone this month. So keep an eye out on our social media pages, faceebook, instagram, linkden, twitter and pintrest and please keep sharing we are very grateful for all your likes and share’s.

so thats it for this week keep crafting

Cas and Helen and star guess Hugo.

The blonde and brunette Bobbetts.


Bobbetts blog No 17 Merry Christmas 2018

Bobbetts blog No 17

Merry Christmas 2018

So yes it’s Christmas,  Helen and I would like to wish you a Merry Christmas this is the last Of the 2018 Bobbett’s Blog we will be back mid January with lots of great crafting ideas,

If you want us to try anything out please let us know we are up for the challenge!

you can send your request’s into

So it’s cheers from us x

This week we had a festive get together and swapped the Coffee for a glass of bubbly. We chatted about what’s been happening on the high Street unfortunately due to reports not a great sales record, but saying that we hope we have encouraged a few of you to shop more local and most importantly buy British handmade.

Christmas advert of the week.
This week’s blog is all about decoration and the Christmas table as it is food inspired, we decided to look at Christmas adverts with food and Aldi is definitely our winner with Kevin the Carrot winning our hearts.
The latest one is about Kevin the Carrot meets AuberGenie, a mysterious, magical vegetable who grants him three dishes!
we have included the video for you to take a look great imagination, thank you Aldi.
We also took a look at Iconic Fortnum and Mason’s windows,
with oversized hampers and a colourful display of sweets, the windows just pull’s you in and make’s you want to buy lots of beautifully packaged goodies and treats.
These windows gave us  inspiration  to present our very own Bob Christmas table setting.
Using just a few accessories and a must have Bob cake stand we decided to create a natural festive display with off cuts from the tree, easy to do at home and quick, we used cinnamon sticks, candy sticks crystallised fruit decoration candles a handmade bob bauble and two  pomanders,
we also used a pice of ribbon and a off cut of the christmas tree to display the cutlery.
following the theme of green red and gold we found some pretty napkins and crackers and used other accessories around the home.
Hopefully you have  been trying out the blogs and have your pomanders and bauble to add a touch of festive display and a centre talking piece for all the family to enjoy at your Christmas table.
As we have just a few days to go
have a wonderful Christmas and we will see you in the new year
Cas and Helen x
Our bespoke orders are now closed for Christmas and we re open them on the 1st Of January.
Thank you for supporting British Artists.