About Us


Was born in January 2015, the idea was a mix of ideas and  dreams that  have been circling the minds of husband and wife team Cas and Phil for the last decade. These ideas were pushed into action when a close friends personal tragedy effected them greatly, and realising life was to short B.O.B was born, Best of British Boutique, the name is a play on the Great British saying BOB’S your Uncle!


(This expression is mainly used in Britain. It is often used immediately after a set of simple instructions and roughly means the same as ‘… and it’s as simple as that!’

In 1887, British Prime Minister Robert Gascoyne-Cecil appointed his nephew Arthur James Balfour as Minister for Ireland. The phrase ‘Bob’s your uncle’ was coined when Arthur referred to the Prime Minister as ‘Uncle Bob’. Apparently, it’s very simple to become a minister when Bob’s your uncle!)

so it was as simple as that! Cas  came up with BOB and Phil played with the words creating Best Of British.

About Us
Cas  a designer maker who has a BA Hons degree in three dimensional design and metals an established contemporary jeweller,  has been selling her work on the British craft markets and outlets in the UK and internationally for over 15 years.
She has recently been managing in Luxury Boutique’s selling a luxury product for the last 8 years and has one of the highest profile in retail.
With her combined managerial skills and designer maker background Cas has the perfect understanding for pushing a venture such as Best of British Boutique to the wider audience and supporting British Businesses.
Phil who run’s Dixie Designs is a Bespoke furniture craftsman who works with reclaimed wood to create solid Rustic Design’s he has worked for a British importer of furniture. Phil has also designed for CORCYRA collection and sold the collection’s at retail and trade level nationally and internationally.

Our Passion
has always remained the same supporting British Designer makers and
Our love of unique objects, and how we should appreciate the beauty in handmade objects.
As they are individual pieces for individual’s.
We are challenging the way we shop by supporting British Arts and Crafts in the process.
If you require more information Please contact B.O.B
On 07912883279, or email us at, bestofbritish2015@gmail.com
You can also follow us on our journey on here our blog site, Facebook page, Twitter, Instagram, Flickr, Pintrest and Goggle+.

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Best of British Boutique